President Trump Asks Supporters to Sign 'Stand for the National Anthem' Petition

President Trump Asks Supporters to Sign 'Stand for the National Anthem' Petition

President Trump Asks Supporters to Sign 'Stand for the National Anthem' Petition

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence released a petition demanding all players and fans stand for the national anthem and emailed supporters asking for signatures Thursday, according to the GOP's website.

The petition was released October 19, one day after Trump posted tweets criticizing the NFL's recent decision not to force players to stand during the national anthem.

The President also tweeted that he supports the NFL instituting a rule that players have to stand during the National Anthem. Total disrespect for our great country!

"We just had two days of conversations with our owners of which this was a fair amount of the conversation and I think our clubs all see this the same way", Goodell said Wednesday. And we're going to continue to work on these issues within the community.

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It is precisely the great honor we accord the national anthem - and the American flag it celebrates - that gives such a contrary action as kneeling during the anthem its power as a signal of distress. The petition is called the "Official Stand for the National Anthem Petition". Stop listening to a president who calls these black players "sons of bitches".

Donald Trump refuses to take a knee when it comes to countering the wave of national anthem protests across the NFL.

Risking fury from fans and a potential boycott led by a mad tweeter, the National Football League took the moral high ground Wednesday - and defended the rights of players to peacefully protest during the national anthem.

After an NFL owners' meeting earlier this week, commissioner Roger Goodell said the league believes players "should stand" for the anthem, but decided against punishing those who choose not to do so. "But really talking a lot about with the opportunity that exists with our players to try to go and really make a difference in our communities in a positive way". "That's been my philosophy with my team, and I think nearly every other owner feels the same".

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