The Harvest Moon can be seen tonight

The Harvest Moon can be seen tonight

The Harvest Moon can be seen tonight

We want the youngsters to learn to love the harvest moon as much as we do. Usually it occurs before the equinox in September but, in 2017, the Harvest Moon will actually be in October.

According to one online source, the harvest moon takes its name from the abundance of bright moonlight the full moon provides at this time of year and its aid in helping farmers harvest their summer-grown crops.

It is the name given to the first full moon after the autumn equinox - when the sun shines nearly directly over the equator.

The reason that it is called a Harvest Moon has to do with farming.

Thursday's evening sky will feature a "harvest" moon, the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox.

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Look up! A stunning harvest full moon has risen in the sky and should be visible each night this weekend.

After rising around sunset, tonight's harvest moon will climb to its highest point around midnight and set in the west around sunrise.

But if you missed it Thursday, never fear: The moon will be nearly full through the weekend, unless cloud cover gets in the way, according to USA Today.

By Wright's calculations, roughly one in four harvest moons rise in October. This effect sometimes occurs when you glimpse the moon when it is close to the horizon.

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