'Trump is treason': Protester throws Russian flags at United States president

'Trump is treason': Protester throws Russian flags at United States president

'Trump is treason': Protester throws Russian flags at United States president

Despite tight security, the protester also shouted as Trump arrived on the second floor of the Senate, yelling "Trump is treason".

President Donald Trump was heckled by a protester hurling a number of Russian flags in the air as he entered a GOP policy lunch on Capitol Hill.

The protester posed as a journalist and began shouting his protests as Trump walked by, while the president did not acknowledge the provocation. "We should be talking about treason in Congress, not about tax cuts", the man continued.

The foreign object? A Russian flag: the flawless embodiment of the left's refusal to let their witch hunt go regarding why Hillary Clinton lost the election. "We must impeach Trump to save democracy in America".

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Clinton herself on Monday described the controversy as " baloney " that has "been debunked repeatedly ". At the time, Clinton was secretary of state, leading one of nine government agencies comprising CFIUS.

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Senator Bob Corker, head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today said the President "has great difficulty with the truth on many issues" and said he repeatedly mislead the American public.

The man, identified as 36-year-old Ryan Clayton of Sterling, Va., was arrested by Capitol Police and preliminarily charged with unlawful conduct, according to a statement from the law enforcement agency.

A similar incident occurred in July and may have been carried out by the same protester.

The pair were walking past reporters en route to a luncheon with Senate Republicans when Clayton, who aligns himself with the group Americans Take Action, thew the flags while exclaiming, "Trump is treason!".

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