Utah Police Fired Jeff Payne, The Cop Who Arrested A Nurse Violently

Utah Police Fired Jeff Payne, The Cop Who Arrested A Nurse Violently

Utah Police Fired Jeff Payne, The Cop Who Arrested A Nurse Violently

An internal review by the Salt Lake City Police Department found Detective Jeff Payne's actions toward the nurse on July 26 undermined public trust and violated department policy. He was an off-duty reserve Idaho police officer driving a semitrailer when he was hit by a man fleeing police in a pickup truck.

Payne nevertheless insisted on the blood draw, saying the evidence would protect the man. The incident went viral after body cam video emerged of the altercation, sparking a conversation about the officers unnecessary use of force and nurse and patient's rights.

Salt Lake City Detective Jeff Payne was sacked Tuesday, more than a month after he ignited national controversy when video of his aggressive arrest went viral.

The Salt Lake County District Attorney wants the FBI to investigate a police shooting that left a black man dead after he ran from police.

Payne was also fired from a part-time job as a paramedic after he was caught on camera saying he'd take transient patients to the University of Utah hospital where Wubbels worked and transport "good patients" elsewhere.

In his letter to Tracy, Brown called him the "catalyst that led to the arrest".

Wubbels' attorney, Karra Porter, said Tuesday that she felt "relief" that Payne was sacked.

He said the order created chaos and unnecessarily escalated the situation.

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The chief acknowledged in his letter that Payne had withheld important information that might have changed Tracy's mind, but said it did not excuse his actions that day.

He similarly told Tracy that his judgment was "unacceptable" and unworthy of a leadership role in the department. He wrote that Tracy had ordered Payne to arrest Wubbles for interfering with a police investigation "without fully understanding the nature of the situation". Porter said she and her client will be meeting with city officials as well as University of Utah police over the next couple of weeks. Porter told the Tribune on Tuesday that she was pleased that Payne had been fired, and said she had not formed an opinion about Tracy's discipline. It would have been a he-said, she-said or multiple he-saids against a she-said.

Payne told Wubbels his supervisor said he should arrest her if she didn't allow the draw.

According to the Associated Press, Nurse Wubbels does plan to meet with the city to discuss next steps which could include a settlement. They were considering legal action, she said.

Brown said while he recognized Payne has served the department for 27 years, his service "is outweighed by the glaring absence of sound professional judgment and extremely discourteous, disrespectful, inappropriate, unreasonable and unwarranted behavior you displayed in this incident".

Ms Wubbels told reporters at a news conference in September: "The only job I have as a nurse is to keep my patients safe".

"I think I owe it to the body camera footage", she said.

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