Ad encourages GOP senator to vote no on tax bill

Ad encourages GOP senator to vote no on tax bill

Ad encourages GOP senator to vote no on tax bill

"I hope the Senate will follow the lead of the House and strike it". Under expedited "reconciliation" rules, Republicans need only a bare majority to pass the bill, and Vice President Mike Pence could break a 50-50 tie.

The House of Representatives passed their tax cut plan just two weeks after it was introduced, faster than the Joint Committee on Taxation was able to put together its own assessment.

Trump's budget director, Mick Mulvaney, says the White House would like to repeal the health care requirement and still have a good tax bill.

Speaking on the same program, White House legislative affairs director Marc Short said the White House is “very comfortable with the House bill” because it achieves its top priorities on taxes.

But he also praised the Senates inclusion of it, saying he believes the individual mandate is hurting middle-class families. "So we like the fact that the Senate has included it in its bill". Susan Collins (R., Maine.) expressed reservations about tacking that onto tax reform.

"The president thinks we should get rid of it". "Right now, our objective is to keep it in", he said, adding that "we're going to work with the Senate as we go through this". "It's an unfair tax on poor people".

"As of now, do you think it's an impediment?" Mnuchin spoke on "Fox News Sunday".

"But we're going to work with the Senate as we go through this", he added.

The individual mandate requires most Americans to obtain health insurance or pay a fine. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., called it a “terrible, awful piece of legislation.” He said making the cut to the corporate rate permanent but the individual rate temporary in the Senate bill was “absolutely insane.”. The back-and-forth has reignited debates over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the law that Republicans spent months this year unsuccessfully trying to dismantle. They supposedly would expire after nine years.

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Collins, a centrist who has voiced several worries about the bill, said on This Week that the "biggest mistake" was including the mandate repeal.

Collins said she hasn't decided how to vote on the bill because it will be amended before it reaches the Senate floor.

Senators would have to find the money elsewhere to meet the revenue goal mandated by the budget resolution passed by the Senate and House earlier this year.

"I don't think that provision should be in the bill", Collins told anchor Jake Tapper. "But again, it's up to the House and Senate to hammer through those details". "So if their premiums do go up, they're still going to get higher subsidies".

The report also said that the economic impact of the tax cuts could be greater if the economy were in a recession, but unemployment is already very low and the economy has shown signs of growing at a faster clip without the tax cuts. Corporate taxes would be slashed from 35 percent to 20 percent. Susan CollinsSusan Margaret CollinsBipartisan group of lawmakers aim to reform U.S. sugar program A bipartisan bridge opens between the House and Senate Gaming the odds of any GOP tax bill getting signed into law MORE (R-Maine) to vote against Senate Republicans' tax reform proposal.

Still, neither Mnuchin nor Short said it was a must-have in the final bill. Democrats are not expected to support the bill, as was the case when the House passed its version last week.

Others within the Trump administration also hinted at some flexibility over the mandate's inclusion in the Senate's tax bill.

"It's just not economically rational" to say that the plans would increase the federal deficit, Kevin Hassett, the chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, said at the daily White House briefing on Friday.

The Tax Policy Center concluded the bill would reduce average tax rates for many households in the first few years, boosting their income and leading to more spending. But that would be far outweighed by $1.436 trillion in revenue losses over the decade due to the bill's tax cuts, leaving the bill with a net addition to the deficit of $1.266 trillion.

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