Apple acknowledges autocorrect bug in iOS 11.1

Apple acknowledges autocorrect bug in iOS 11.1

Apple acknowledges autocorrect bug in iOS 11.1

If you have an iPhone and haven't updated your hardware to iOS 11.1, these current user stories may make you wait on doing that.

That must be what it's like to be an iPhone user today, since iOS 11.1 has made a decision to autocorrect the letter "i" into 'A [?]'. Here's a temporary fix for the problem.

Although Apple hasn't officially updated the software to correct the issue, it suggested on its website a way for users to fix it themselves.

We look forward to Apple issuing this updating and ending this chaos, and will let you know when it's safe to use the first person voice in your texts and tweets again. You should then tap the '+' symbol, and in the phrase option type "I", and in shortcut select a lowercase i. Given the frequency with which people type the letter "i", this is understandably upsetting many customers.

The fix involves editing the keyboard settings in iOS so that the right character, either an upper or lower case "i", is used.

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If this does not work, users can also try disabling the emoji keyboard, according to Benjamin Mayo at 9to5Mac. Last week, researchers participating in the Pwn2Own 2017 contest successfully hacked an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.1, and were able to drop malicious code into the device.

It seems to affect iMessage, as well as other apps including Instagram and Twitter.

Apple is yet to respond to MailOnline's request for comment. Which, judging by the fact that "I" is a relatively important letter in the English language, will probably be sooner than later.

The letter "i" is the fifth-most popular letter in the English language. In 2011, the time on many iPhone changed, but in the wrong direction.

The glitch appears to have become widespread following the launch of the new iPhone X on Friday.

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