Event 'consistent with an explosion' detected where Argentinian submarine went missing

Event 'consistent with an explosion' detected where Argentinian submarine went missing

Event 'consistent with an explosion' detected where Argentinian submarine went missing

The Argentine Navy on Thursday reported evidence of an event resembling an "explosion" in the south Atlantic close to where an Argentine submarine went missing last week, CNN reported Thursday.

"Unfortunately, we still haven't been able to locate the San Juan submarine despite all of our efforts in the area of operations", Argentine navy spokesman Enrique Balbi told reporters Saturday in Buenos Aires.

Another family member criticized the condition of the submarine and said it should never have been used for the mission.

An explosion recorded just hours after an Argentinian submarine went missing makes it look unlikely any of the 44 men and women on board have survived.

The ARA San Juan submarine at a a September 27, 2011, ceremony in Buenos Aires.

The ARA San Juan's last known position was in the San Jorge Gulf area, 240 nautical miles (432 kilometers) southeast of the Valdes peninsula, in the South Atlantic. If the submarine has surfaced or "snorkeled" - that is, raised a tube to the surface to refresh the vessel's air - the crew may have bought more time.

If the German-built submarine, in service for more than three decades, had sunk or was otherwise unable to rise to the surface since it gave its last location on 15 November, it would be using up the last of its seven-day oxygen supply.

The disappearance has plunged relatives of the crew members into an anguished wait for news and transfixed the South American country. "We don't know what caused an explosion of these characteristics at this site on this date", Albi said.

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The submarine was en route from Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, to Mar del Plata when it reported an electrical malfunction shortly before disappearing last week.

Argentine Naval spokesperson Captain Gabriel Galeazzi said on Tuesday that it was "an arduous task, it is not simple and takes time".

According to Balbi, the event was "consistent with an explosion" and occurred in the area in which contact with the vessel was lost.

Balbi said information about the noise had first been given to Argentina on Wednesday by the United States.

On Thursday it also emerged that an worldwide nuclear test-ban body that runs a global network of listening posts created to check for secret atomic blasts detected an "unusual signal" last week, close to where the submarine went missing.

No sign of the Argentine submarine lost in the South Atlantic since November 15 has been found despite a massive global search effort, while families of the 44 crew members face the increasing likelihood that their loved ones will never return.

It's called the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organisation, and one of its jobs is to scan the globe for signs of explosions.

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