Facebook: 88% of ad revenue is from mobile

Facebook: 88% of ad revenue is from mobile

Facebook: 88% of ad revenue is from mobile

Facebook still remains a huge magnet, attracting users worldwide as the company added 284 monthly active users in the last four quarters, finishing the fourth quarter with 2.072 billion users, a growth rate of 16% year-over-year. The leading social network said it made a profit of $4.7 billion in the quarter that ended on Sept.30, a jump of 79 percent from the same period a year earlier. Facebook's advertising policies, however, have been under constant fire over the past few months after the revelation of Russian sponsored ads to induce differences between Americans during the Presidential elections.

The company's growth doesn't matter "if our services are used in a way that doesn't bring people closer together or if the foundation of our society is undermined by foreign interference", he said on a call with investors to discuss Facebook's quarterly earnings report. Further, Zuckerberg said that they are very serious about preventing abuse on Facebook Inc (FB), and that is why the company is investing so much in security that "it will impact our profitability". But Zuckerberg also said he was "dead serious" about fixing security and that doing so "will significantly impact our profitability going forward". "Protecting our community is more important than maximizing our profits".

"For those who have followed Facebook, you know that when we set our minds to something, we're going to do it". Earlier in the day, Facebook's general counsel was raked over the coals by U.S. senators probing how the Kremlin could effectively push propaganda on social media as it tried to sway the presidential election.

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The company's operating margin, a key measure of profit, widened to 50 percent of revenue from 44 percent a year ago, even though head count rose 47 percent to 23,165. Zuckerberg outlined investment priorities that included video content, which he described as the biggest trend at Facebook. The quarterly earnings report was released as Facebook and other internet titans testified this week before Congress about a Russian-led effort to spread misinformation and sow discord ahead of the 2016 USA election.

More than 98 percent of Facebook's revenues comes from advertising.

During this week's hearings at Capitol Hill, Facebook's counsel Colin Stretch said that the social network intends to hire 10,000 more workers to increase safety and review content, effectively doubling the number of reviewers to 20,000. The Senate Intelligence Committee has also questioned representatives from Google and Twitter.

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