Helicopter and aircraft involved in mid-air crash in Buckinghamshire

Helicopter and aircraft involved in mid-air crash in Buckinghamshire

Helicopter and aircraft involved in mid-air crash in Buckinghamshire

Four people have died in a mid-air collision between a helicopter and a two-seater aircraft, crash scene investigators said.

The airfield offers flight training for rookie pilots.

A woman who lives nearby said she was out walking her dogs at the time of the collision.

Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service said they now have seven vehicles responding to the incident, including fire engines as well as urban search and rescue vehicles. This would have capacity for a pilot and one passenger.

RAF Halton, which is around 10 miles away, said no military aircraft had been involved.

The plane involved was a Cessna 152, built in 1982 and owned by Airways Aero Associations which is based at the Wycombe Air Park.

"The force is coordinating the response to the incident which was reported at 12.06pm today (17/11)".

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Staff at the local Red Lion pub told RT that they were "aware" of the accident but that emergency services were yet to give details.

Two people were killed in each aircraft, which came down in woods near Waddesdon Estate, near Aylesbury, according to Thames Valley Police said.

"We sent a number of resources to the scene, including the Thames Valley air ambulance, two ambulance crews, two ambulance officers and a rapid response vehicle", said a spokeswoman.

"There have been a number of casualties at the scene, but at this stage this is all we are able to confirm".

At least seven fire appliances were called to the scene and two urban rescue vehicles.

"There were a number of road closures following the incident which have now been lifted".

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