IPhone X FaceID hacked using 3D printed face, again

IPhone X FaceID hacked using 3D printed face, again

IPhone X FaceID hacked using 3D printed face, again

The most notable attempt to crack Face ID came by Vietnamese security company Bkav which tricked the security feature using a mask in mid-November. He points out that "Require Attention for Face ID" and "Attention Aware Features" are both enabled, which means users have to look directly at their handsets to use Face ID. That's because the company has performed another Face ID hack, this time beating Apple's facial recognition feature in a much shorter timeframe than the 9-10 hours required for the initial hack.

In a newly published video which goes over how the Face ID spoof was carried out, we see a Bkav security researcher deleting his current Face ID profile and registering his face anew. This is because Face ID mistakenly recognizes the infrared images as real eyes.

And it's not only security researchers who have been able to fool Face ID.

"About two weeks ago, we recommended that only very important people such as national leaders, large corporation leaders, billionaires, etc. should be cautious when using Face ID". As soon as the iPhone X became available for sale, they immediately conducted experiments based on previous analysis to confirm the "foreseeable" weakness, and just as predicted, Face ID was defeated by the mask.

Last month, security firm Bkav released a video supposedly demonstrating how it tricked the iPhone X's Face ID authentication method using a mask made of plastic, silicon, and paper cutouts. You need a high quality image of the person whose phone you're trying to access, as well as access to a 3D printer and various other materials, not to mention direct access to the person's phone.

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Bkav says the new mask costs around $200 to make.

This is not the first time Face ID has been fooled.

As we all know Face ID is the only biometric authentication feature on the iPhone, because the device lacks the Touch ID and dedicated home button on the front. If Face ID detects that you aren't the owner, or you are not paying attention to the iPhone, it will not show the notifications.

We contacted Apple for comment, but knowing Cupertino's lot, it may be a while before we get a response.

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