Liberia Supreme Court suspends run-off, orders probe into poll fraud

Liberia Supreme Court suspends run-off, orders probe into poll fraud

Liberia Supreme Court suspends run-off, orders probe into poll fraud

The Liberty Party petitioned the Supreme Court to order a Prohibition on the November 7 runoff election due to the failure of the NEC to investigate its claims of electoral irregularities and mass fraud before announcing the runoff.

Opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) candidate George Weah, who is the front-runner, and vice president Joseph Boakai of the governing party were to take part in the run-off.

Taking his grievance a step further, Boakai says he has no faith that the commission can guarantee a free and fair election, and called for the board of commissioners to be "sanitised" before the runoff.

From then, the party has a week to appeal, and the Supreme Court a week to decide on the appeal.

The Supreme Court's decision is an example of the improving involvement that courts in Africa are having with elections; Kenya's supreme court in August, for example, nullified the results of the general election.

Weah, a former soccer star, is leading the presidential race with 38.4 percent of the vote to Boakai's 28.8 percent.

Brumskine and Boakai have accused incumbent President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of "interference" and of secretly supporting Weah over her own vice-president, claims she has strongly denied.

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The Supreme Court is generally respected in Liberia, but many want the potentially destabilising delay resolved sooner rather than later in a country which still has acute memories of back-to-back 1989-2003 civil wars.

The ruling means that the presidential runoff election slated for November 7 will not take place and a new date will only be set once Liberty Party's complaint is investigated by NEC.

A lawyer for the commission, Musa Dean, said "the highest court of the land has spoken and we have to abide by the ruling".

"By setting a date and proceeding to conduct a runoff election without first clearing the complaint of the petitioners which alleged gross irregularities and fraud, the NEC was proceeding contrary to rules which are to be adhered to at all times", Korkpor said.

"This is about Liberia and not the Liberty Party", he said.

"As you can see, the only people who are not complaining are (Weah's) CDC", he added, though the CDC contested election results in 2005 and 2011 once they didn't come out on top.

A Supreme Court press officer told AFP that unidentified individuals pelted stones on Sunday night at the home of judge Sie-A-Nyene Yuoh but maintained the court "cannot and will not be coerced or intimidated".

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