Microsoft Office apps now available for all Chromebooks

Microsoft Office apps now available for all Chromebooks

Microsoft Office apps now available for all Chromebooks

However now, Chrome Unboxed has confirmed it is able to install the Office Suite apps on all the devices it checked.

For years, one of the most common complaints about Chromebooks was that they couldn't run the Office suite of applications.

The Chrome OS app for Office 365 has always been there, as web wrapper - essentially just pointing at a web address, but there have been multiple issues with making the Android version work properly and in most cases, people get guided towards G Suite.

Are you happy to find out Microsoft Office is available on Chromebooks? Microsoft's Office products are the most widely used productivity tools, and missing out on them would have surely cost various Chromebook manufacturers some sales.

While there hasn't been any official word from Microsoft that Office is ready to go for all Chromebooks, there have been plenty of reports of the Office suite working on multiple devices.

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According to Chrome Unboxed, Microsoft's Office apps for Android have been available in the Google Play Store for some Chromebooks for over a year.

Last year, Microsoft revealed that machines with a display at or below 10.1-inches would be classified as a "true mobile device". You need an Office 365 subscription to actually save and edit a document, but if you're paying the $7-per-month fee, you can now fire up the apps on a Chromebook.

Microsoft Office receives updates on a monthly basis on all supported platforms courtesy of an insider program.

Chromebook users can already tap into cloud-based productivity services like Google Drive, which can convert Microsoft file formats. All devices can now download the Microsoft Office applications from the Google Play Store, no matter who manufactured the device. This is the first time in a while since these apps have been available in a while.

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