This 'Substitute Phone' Is For The Inner Smartphone Addict In You

This 'Substitute Phone' Is For The Inner Smartphone Addict In You

This 'Substitute Phone' Is For The Inner Smartphone Addict In You

The idea is to have a gadget that tickles the urges to fiddle with a phone without the need to actually check for texts, Instagram updates, or Tinder matches, with Schilliner noting he wanted to create "a tool that would help stop this "checking" behaviour".

Klemens Schillinger has created five of these devices, all of which use stone beads to allow you to imitate the different motions used on smart devices such as scrolling, swiping and zooming.

"The shape of the Substitute Phone replicates an average smartphone, however, its functions are reduced to the movements we make hundreds of times on a daily basis", Schillinger writes on his website. To put it in more simpler terms, the Substitute Phone, as they are called has a similar objective as fidget cubes and spinners.

Whether we want to admit or not, we have become addicted to our smartphones. Schillinger is also the designer behind a lamp that doesn't work unless you feed it your smartphone, so he's clearly serious about making our lives more analog.

"Scrolling on the stone beads is like a little massage for the fingers and a kind of soothing feeling", he said in his email. People who are constantly using their mobile device are accessing what's behind the screen-the messages, the photos, the apps-not the screen itself.

The Substitute Phone is designed to help smartphone addicts cope in their absence
Addicted to scrolling on a smartphone? The "substitute phone" can help you overcome it

The objects are meant to help with the "withdrawal symptoms" people experience when setting down their smartphones.

When researching his project, Schillinger was inspired by a documentary featuring the Italian writer and philosopher Umberto Eco - who was trying to give up smoking by substituting his pipe with a wooden stick. Schillinger figured the same concept could be applied to smartphones, that replacing the physical stimulation without the connectivity might help people to rely less on their handsets.

The Substitute Phone isn't for sale yet, but made its debut at the Vienna Design Week earlier this fall.

The simulated smartphone is not yet available to the public; Schillinger's online shop is "coming soon".

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