Walmart plans to pilot test the new Tesla Semi

Walmart plans to pilot test the new Tesla Semi

Walmart plans to pilot test the new Tesla Semi

Before the new model's unveiling, Tesla already boasted the second-quickest production vehicle ever made with its Model S. Pulling a fully load at 80,000 pounds, it would be 0 to 60 in 20 seconds.

On the morning after the unveiling, trucking and freight company J.B. Hunt announced that it had placed a reservation to buy "multiple Tesla Semi tractors", adding that it plans to use them mainly on the West Coast.

Of course, the Model 3 loomed over it all.

A software update previous year put the Tesla Model S P100D second only to the Porsche 918 Spyder in terms of acceleration, reaching 60 miles per hour in 2.28 seconds compared with the 2.2 seconds of the Porsche.

Leading up to the event, there was speculation that Tesla might deal with the range problem by devising some kind of battery swapping service at truck stops, but there was no mention of this on Thursday. But it was easy to forget about all the snags and delays plaguing the production of Tesla's first mass-market electric vehicle, especially with Musk dropping phrases like "zero to 60 in 1.9 seconds" and "620-mile range".

However for companies actually in the business of making deliveries, it's other talents that might single the Tesla Semi out.

He said the Tesla Semi truck boasts faster acceleration, better uphill performance and smart safety features such as lane-keeping technology and enhanced autopilot software to improve the on-road experience for truck drivers.

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Musk has relied on batteries to power his vehicles in the past and many expect the new semi to fall in line, but there are questions about where a truck that's meant to carry cargo will find space for the batteries it would need to travel long distances. According to Musk, the truck can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 20 seconds when carrying a full load of 80,000 pounds-the maximum weight allowed on US roads.

But Tesla has pulled back recently due to concerns about Model 3 production and integration issues with Tesla's acquisition of solar panel company SolarCity - a firm co-founded by two of Musk's cousins. And so is a startup called Nikola Motor, which just so happens to be the first name of the famed inventor that Tesla is named after.

Irwin says truck companies will have to watch the market carefully, because tougher regulations on diesels or an improvement in charging infrastructure could make electric trucks more viable very quickly. "It's just big. It's super-easy to drive". "We guarantee that this truck will not break down for a million miles", Musk said.

Automotive News quoted Karl Brauer, executive publisher of Kelley Blue Book, as saying that "Elon's showmanship remains intact".

"I hope you like what you see", said Elon Musk while presenting the Tesla Semi. These are just concept vehicles, really, but it's Tesla, and nothing is really ever as it seems.

The stock is up more than 4% after the event. Inside the truck's cabin - tall enough for a driver to stand upright - there are two large touchscreen interfaces.

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