Watch the trailer for the Jodie Foster-directed Black Mirror episode 'Arkangel'

Watch the trailer for the Jodie Foster-directed Black Mirror episode 'Arkangel'

Watch the trailer for the Jodie Foster-directed Black Mirror episode 'Arkangel'

Still no word on the season's release date. Even though we don't know when exactly all six episodes of the forthcoming season are set to be released, it might be safe to assume that the new episodes are coming very, very soon.

As part of its ongoing "13 Days of Black Mirror" celebration, Netflix released its first look at "Arkangel", one of the six new upcoming installments of the anthology series.

In the trailer, a single mom and her adorable daughter live together on a small suburban street, playing hide and seek and generally having a great time until the day the daughter goes missing from a local playground. It's obviously not fully explained in the trailer how exactly she goes about preventing any repeats of the incident, but what we can take away from the minute-long clip is that there's a needle and a "trial period" involved.

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Not much else is revealed except what might be the tracking company's eerie slogan: "The key to good parenting is control". One thing is for sure: This is not going to go well. "Black Mirror" episodes with needles usually do not end well. Maybe viewers can expect to see the same from Season 4. No? The series is created and written by Charlie Brooker, and executive produced by Brooker and Annabel Jones. The episode seems to focus around an experimental implant for children.

That's the tagline from the company who promises to help this woman keep tabs on her daughter but when unusual things start happening including creepy drawings and animals freaking out whenever her child is around, the mother has to wonder what this technological terror is costing her daughter for the sake of security.

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