Who Is Danica Roem? Virginia Elects First Openly Transgender State Legislator

Who Is Danica Roem? Virginia Elects First Openly Transgender State Legislator

Who Is Danica Roem? Virginia Elects First Openly Transgender State Legislator

She won the spot from incumbent 13th District Delegate Robert G. Marshall, who, according to The Washington Post, called himself Virgina's chief homophobe.

Ms Roem is not the first openly transgender state lawmaker in the United States. She touted more than 25 years of public service experience as a policy aide, nonprofit executive director, consultant and employment specialist on her website.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Marshall said: "For 26 years I've been proud to fight for you, and fight for our future".

Danica Roem Promises a "More Inclusive Commonwealth" She never uses the word "transgender", but images are shown with her campaigning while wearing a rainbow handkerchief scarf. "I'm committed to continue the fight for you, but in a different role going forward".

While cultural issues may have defined national coverage of the race, for numerous voters, casting a vote meant sending a far more mundane message, and Roem's victory is just the prelude to years of grinding through the state bureaucracy.

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Also in Virginia, Kathy Tran, a refugee from Vietnam, became the first Asian-American woman elected to the House of Delegates. "Reading the history books growing up, it became clear to me that no one like me made it very far - at least no one who was out".

"Discrimination is a disqualifier", Roem told reporters after the election results came in during the evening of November 7.

"We have got to change the culture in Richmond, and sending two reporters between myself and Chris Hurst (a former Virginia local news anchor whose girlfriend, a reporter, was killed on live TV), that's a great start". "It's gone from a state where no politician would dare to condemn the Confederacy to a state where a suburban district would elect a transgender candidate", Farnsworth said.

Stephen Farnsworth, a political-science professor at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, said Roem's victory shows "that cultural wars don't win elections like they used to". She has won several awards from the Virginia Press Association. "Someone has to fix Route 28".

"Just because I sing in a heavy metal band while spinning my head in circles and getting paid to do it, why can't I run for government?"

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