Another Blast of Arctic Air Will Arrive For The New Year

Another Blast of Arctic Air Will Arrive For The New Year

Another Blast of Arctic Air Will Arrive For The New Year

Another surge of cold, arctic air is expected to arrive in central Virginia during the New Year's Holiday Weekend.

Temperatures will fall into the 30s for Sunday evening, allowing for a chance of freezing rain, especially for areas west of Austin.

Most of the moisture will move south as we ring in the new year at midnight, but with temperatures in the 20s, any leftover precipitation could be freezing rain producing icy spots through Monday morning. New Year's Day will begin with clouds clearing and sunshine returning by the afternoon; but highs will struggle to reach 40 degrees.

We will see a slight "warming" trend, if you want to call it that, to end the week as highs moderate back to the lower 40s on Thursday and Friday, though clouds will hang tough with partly to mostly cloudy skies overall. With nighttime temperatures below freezing for the past 5 days, it's beginning to feel a lot like winter!

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These days could be the coldest so far this winter, the NWS reports. The deep trough remains in place and looking into the first two weeks of January, the trough will remain in place, meaning very cold air for Alabama.

It's important to note that significant adjustments may be necessary with this forecast for both temperatures and precipitation. But this is such a small chance that I would get to excited about it, and little to no accumulation is expected. The other issue will be the wind of 10 to 20 miles per hour producing a wind chill in the 20s! This means at least two mornings with a hard freeze across most of Southwest Louisiana.

With temperatures this cold, we need to make sure our pipes are protected. It will be best to avoid travel on Sunday morning if possible.

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