Email shows effort to give Trump camp Wikileaks documents

Email shows effort to give Trump camp Wikileaks documents

Email shows effort to give Trump camp Wikileaks documents

CNN reported Friday that congressional investigators are interested in an email Trump Jr. received on September 4, 2016, that included an encryption key and link to a website with leaked emails from former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

CNN said its original story had been based on two sources who had seen the email. This afternoon, CBS News had initially released a report verifying CNN's story and stating that it had independently validated the details.

President Donald Trump roasted CNN Friday evening during a "Merry Christmas" rally in Pensacola, Florida, for the false report the cable news network corrected earlier in the day.

CNN ran a correction, changed its headline and removed a tweet from Trump Jr. from September 4 in acknowledging the error. It was corrected to say that the email was actually sent on September 14, one day after WikiLeaks made the documents public. "The story also changed the headline and removed a tweet from Donald Trump Jr., who posted a message about WikiLeaks on September 4, 2016", the correction reads.

He then set his sights on CNN, which hours prior issued a correction over a report claiming Trump and top campaign aides were tipped off early by WikiLeaks about a future dump of hacked emails.

On Twitter, CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter reported that CNN won't discipline the reporter Manu Raju who published the story because he "followed the editorial standards process" and "multiple sources provided him with incorrect info". CNN said the email was sent on September 4, before the WikiLeaks release, but the copy of the email obtained by AP shows it was sent 10 days later. The centrality of time stamps to scandal coverage is a theme of recent major-media screw-ups on the Trump-Russia conflagration.

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CBS News had confirmed CNN's initial report but also later issued a correction.

The later email date reported by The Post means that Trump Jr.'s first tweet about WikiLeaks could not possibly have been prompted by the email, since the president's eldest son did not receive the message until 10 days after tweeting.

The fake news, nevertheless, had already made its way around the country, helped on its merry way by members of Congress.

As of publication, CNN has not updated the story.

Trump reiterated his call for people to sue ABC News over the report, which reportedly led to a significant dive in the stock market. ABC News has since suspended Ross for four weeks without pay. This was actually discussed after the election when President-elect Trump was laying the diplomatic groundwork for his incoming administration.

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