Facebook can now find your face, even when it's not tagged

Facebook can now find your face, even when it's not tagged

Facebook can now find your face, even when it's not tagged

The facial recognition feature will also notify you if friends or acquaintances upload photos with you in them but don't tag you.

While there are benefits to the new tool - seeing potentially problematic photos before they spread, being alerted when someone else attempts to use a photo of you as their own profile photo, or simply not missing memories of fun events - some Facebook users are undoubtedly going to be uncomfortable with Facebook taking this matter into its own hands. Facebook still respects the privacy settings of people posting photos, so you won't get a notification for photos when you're not in the audience.

If that should change, I am sure Facebook will let us know. If you're a little sensitive about how often you show up in pics on the internet, Facebook has a new privacy tool that may interest you.

Facebook's database of facial recognition has an impression of users' faces, which it calls a template.

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He said the new feature give users more control by informing them when their photo has been posted.

But Facebook is putting all of these features under one setting, meaning that if you want the notifications about where your face appears on friends' accounts or strangers' accounts, then you'll also have to be all right with automatic tagging. In fact, that's put Facebook afoul of state laws and using this technology is outright banned in Canada and Europe.

"We're doing this to prevent people from impersonating others on Facebook", Candela wrote. Previous settings were more complex and made users select (or not) different facial recognition features. That would be a boon for Facebook's People You May Know tool, allowing it to suggest as friends people whose faces appeared in the background of photos it identified you in, or vice versa.

Behind the message about protecting your identity, though is a larger truth about Facebook's ability to reach into your personal business: The announcement means that Facebook's face-recognition technology is now so powerful that it can recognize you in any photo, anywhere, even if it has no other reason to expect to find your face in that photo. "The person who blocked the original account is in control, and must initiate contact with the new account in order for them to interact normally".

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