Google Chrome to start blocking ads in February

Google Chrome to start blocking ads in February

Google Chrome to start blocking ads in February

In June, Google revealed its plans to have the browser start blocking certain types of ads, like autoplay videos. A handful of publishers rely on annoying and disruptive ads which is why people tend to use ad blockers.

As Venture Beat highlights, Google's timing is interesting as it doesn't coincide with the launch of a new version of Chrome (Chrome 64 is set to arrive on January 23 followed by Chrome 65 on March 6).

As first reported by VentureBeat, Google revealed that native ad-blocking will go live on Chrome starting February 15 in a blog post for developers.

Google Chrome to start blocking ads in February
Google Chrome to start blocking ads in February

As Google explained in June, bad ads (full-page interstitials, ads with unexpected sound, and flashing ads) have had a negative impact on nearly everyone's experience on the web. If there's a single ad on a page that breaks the rules, all ads on that page will be blocked, even if the others are in compliance. As long as you use Chrome, Google will make sure you see fewer and fewer obnoxious ads, which will hopefully mean less reliance on an ad blocker to help support the content providers you read the most. On mobile devices, the guidelines also discourage flashing animations, full-screen scrollover ads, and ads that occupy more than 30% of the display.

In fact, it appears Google will only be blocking ads on websites who have registered with the Coalition for Better Ads, and registration is voluntary and may actually carry some fees. But now we know exactly when: February 15, 2018 (via VentureBeat) is the go-live date provided by the company for introduction of its built-in enforcement of the standards established by the Coalition for Better Ads, of which it is a member.

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