Green Leafy Vegetables Slow Brain Aging

Green Leafy Vegetables Slow Brain Aging

Green Leafy Vegetables Slow Brain Aging

People who ate leafy veg showed a slower rate of decline on tests of memory or thinking than people who never ate them, the study found. The volunteers were also asked to take annual tests for cognitive abilities of the brain (attention, memory, thinking).

Participants were divided into groups based on their consumption of green, leafy vegetables. On average those in the highest group ate just over one serving of these vegetables per day, more than ten times the amount of those in the lowest group.

It was then found out that the group of participants who ate the most servings of green vegetables every day had a slowed cognitive decline than those people who ate fewer leafy greens, according to the researchers.

The scientists said this was equivalent to being 11 years younger in age.

"Observational studies like this are not able to pinpoint cause and effect but can be extremely useful in giving us an idea of lifestyle factors that are associated with good health".

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Green vegetables are loaded with powerful antioxidants that provide numerous benefits to all parts of the body, including brain function and mental agility into older age. "This study found eating food rich in vitamin K - like spinach, kale, asparagus and everyone's favourite, Brussels sprouts - appears to slow cognitive decline as people age". The researchers concluded that vegetables made people eleven years younger than those who did not eat them.

'The researchers did not directly look at dementia, so we can not say that it would delay or prevent the onset of the condition.

Including green vegetables in your daily diet can reduce the symptoms of dementia to a great extent.

In a timely, festive message he urges us to "make sure your Christmas dinner is piled high with greens this year".

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