Rosie O'Donnell faces conservative backlash after offering to pay GOP senators

Rosie O'Donnell faces conservative backlash after offering to pay GOP senators

Rosie O'Donnell faces conservative backlash after offering to pay GOP senators

The tax reform bill was ultimately approved by the Senate in the early hours of December 20 with the support of all present Republican senators, including Flake and Collins, according to The Washington Post.

While O'Donnell would most likely just say she was joking, and remind that she is a comedian, if called to account, it is probably best not to use Twitter for such activities, even in jest.

Former talkshow host and comedian Rosie O'Donnell proudly and openly attempted to bribe Republican Senators Tuesday night, which is of course a felony.

Jeff Flake of Arizona and Susan Collins of ME $2 million each if they voted against the tax reform bill before the Senate on December 19.

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He included a screenshot image of a portion of laws related to bribery. Spoiler alert: they didn't, and she's being ripped apart on Twitter for her offer.

"Whoever directly or indirectly, corruptly gives, offers or promises anything of value to any public official ... or offers or promises any public official ... to give anything of value to any other person or entity, with intent to influence any official act", the portion of the law states. The punishment for such a crime would be a fine of up to three times the amount of the bribe and/or a prison sentence of up to 15 years. She proceeded to write that the senator "betrayed us all", urging her to ask for forgiveness and "redeem" her soul by voting against the bill.

Continuing, she wrote, "if they vote NO NO I WILL NOT KILL AMERICANS FOR THE SUOER (sic) RICH DM me susan DM me jeff no shit 2 million cash each". John McCain (R-Ariz.), who was not present for the vote. The proposed tax plan now goes back to the House, where lawmakers need to finalize small changes that the Senate made to the bill. The House passed the bill on December 19, but is required to vote on it again due to a procedural snag.

As more and more social media users engaged with O'Donnell, she continued pushing her offer.

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