Synaptics' in-display fingerprint scanner will debut in a Vivo phone

Synaptics' in-display fingerprint scanner will debut in a Vivo phone

Synaptics' in-display fingerprint scanner will debut in a Vivo phone

Vivo had previously partnered with Qualcomm to showcase an under-display fingerprint sensor meant for its future smartphones. Now, we know the name of the first phone manufacturer that plans to include the tech in a smartphone: Vivo. This will allow manufacturers to maintain the design of their phones, while also keeping the fingerprint reader in a familiar area.

Synaptics' in-display fingerprint sensor technology is going to be used first in a Vivo smartphone.

Vivo will use the Synapctics Clear ID in-display fingerprint scanner.

In terms of the security, Moorhead has also clarified that Synaptics has built-in a separate encryption module to the Clear ID sensor while also allowing the hardware to interact with the phone's processor for authenticating the fingerprint. That accolade goes to Vivo as has been confirmed by Patrick Moorhead over at Forbes who got to play with a pre-production unit from Vivo fitted with the Synaptics Clear ID sensor.

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Apple, meanwhile, made a decision to ditch an actual fingerprint scanner altogether with the iPhone X. The iPhone X is Apple's first iPhone to not have Touch ID.

There will be an image of a fingerprint that appears on the screen when the phone is woken up, and it will disappear after the fingerprint has been recognized. In the company's press release, it specifically mentioned that the Clear ID fingerprint scanner is designed for smartphones with "infinity displays", which is also what Samsung calls the displays that are on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. In order for it to work, the finger has to be illuminated, so that the fingerprint scanner can read the reflections of the finger scan. Synaptics on its part touts the Clear ID FS9500 as a "smart" technology that can detect fingerprints in various lighting conditions, can recognize wet or cold fingers, and detect attempts to spoof fingerprints. The ultimate advantage of opting for in-display sensors would be the let manufacturers bring more full-screen smartphones in the coming future, complete with the ease of a front-facing fingerprint sensor.

Vivo isn't particularly well-known in Western markets, but is popular in India as the fourth-biggest smartphone maker and holds a similar position in China.

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