Trump commutes 27-year sentence of slaughterhouse boss jailed for financial crimes

Trump commutes 27-year sentence of slaughterhouse boss jailed for financial crimes

Trump commutes 27-year sentence of slaughterhouse boss jailed for financial crimes

Rubashkin, of Postville, ran the Iowa headquarters of the country's largest kosher meat-processing company.

An influential kosher slaughterhouse king from Brooklyn, New York, was freed from prison after his fraud conviction was commuted by President Donald Trump, according to a report.

In 2012, more than 80 former federal judges supported an unsuccessful request to the US Supreme Court to hear an appeal of the Rubashkin case.

The White House issued a statement announcing the commutation, which stated that Rubashkin had already served over eight years of a 27-year prison sentence that some felt was "excessive in light of its disparity with sentences imposed for similar crimes".

"That is why so many Congressmembers, from both sides of the political aisle, led by Senator Orrin Hatch and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and well over 100 former high ranking Justice Department officials and other legal luminaries, have been publicly calling for executive clemency".

The commutation granted to Sholom Rubashkin, 57, marked only the second time that Trump has invoked his clemency authority as president, following the blanket pardon he granted earlier this year to Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona.

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The White House said Trump's decision would not vacate Rubashkin's conviction and "leaves in place a term of supervised release and a substantial restitution obligation". Robert Teig, a former federal prosecutor in Iowa, said that Rubashkin's sentence "was what he earned because of his conduct" and that "it's a sad state when politics are allowed to interfere with the justice system".

Rubaskin's lawyers claimed his relatively harsh sentence was the result of prosecutors' meddling in the bankruptcy sale of the Agriprocessors plant.

The raid on the Agriprocessors plant and Rubashkin's arrest led to the plant's temporary closure, with numerous town's Jews leaving.

"Rusbashkin orchestrated a massive criminal scheme that impacted a very large community, that is, defrauded financial institutions for approximately 10 years, harbored an illegal workforce and laundered millions of dollars in an effort to provide kosher products across the nation", she said in the ruling. Trump extolled passage of the tax reform package as it nears, called for an end to the immigration visa lottery and celebrated the repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate included in the tax package.

"Mr. Rubashkin is a devoted husband and father, a deeply religious man who simply doesn't deserve a sentence of this length, or anything remotely close to it", the letter continued. "President Trump has done what is right and just".

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