Two actors back woman making claim — Geoffrey Rush accusation

Two actors back woman making claim — Geoffrey Rush accusation

Two actors back woman making claim — Geoffrey Rush accusation

"It must be made clear from the outset that Mr. Rush abhors any form of maltreatment of any person in any form".

Mr McIntyre last night said the STC had "reviewed policies and procedures" including "educating actors when they come in to the company about our intolerance of inappropriate behaviour, who they should speak to and encouraging them to speak up".

The Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush has denied allegations of "inappropriate behaviour" during a Sydney Theatre Company production of King Lear, after the company said it had received a complaint against him.

Rush also released a statement saying he'd contacted the theater company when he heard of "rumors of a complaint", and asked for clarification about the allegations. But that's all the detail I have on it, not because of the lateness of the story but because that's about as far as the story goes.

Rush's lawyer said: "It is a great disappointment to Mr Rush the STC has chosen to smear his name and unjustifiably damage his reputation in this way". STC has recently deleted a page from their website for the production of King Lear that Rush was involved in.

"In the circumstances, if such a statement has been issued by the STC it is both irresponsible and highly damaging to say the least", the statement continued. "The Company received the complaint when Mr. Rush's engagement with the Company had ended".

Australian actor Geoffrey Rush arrives during the G'Day USA Black Tie Gala in Los Angeles California
Sydney Theater Company said it received a complaint against Rush after he had left"King Lear production

The 66-year-old acting legend yesterday said he "immediately phoned and spoke to senior management" at the STC when he became aware of rumours there was a complaint. It also added, "These are matters that deserve forthright and objective levels of discussion. However, no response was forthcoming", Rush said in a statement.

STC claims it responded truthfully to media inquiries about the existence of a complaint it investigated, but the alleged complainant wanted to stay anonymous. The complainant has requested that their identity be withheld.

The lawyers said until there was "decency afford" to Rush about what the "inappropriate behaviour" actually was, there was little to respond to. It featured Ruth Cracknell as Lady Bracknell and Rush played the role of John Worthing.

Rush's first play was Wrong Side of the Moon in 1971 and he regularly performed on stage even after his film career began in 1981.

"We did The Importance of Being Earnest as our honeymoon". Two years later, he earned a best supporting actor nod for Shakespeare in Love. A separate personal statement from Rush stated that the management of the Sydney Theatre Company "refused" to reveal details of the allegations even after he'd found out about the complaint.

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