You can now download Google Chrome beta and start muting autoplay videos

You can now download Google Chrome beta and start muting autoplay videos

You can now download Google Chrome beta and start muting autoplay videos

We believe that would change with the stable version although.

The headline features packed with Chrome 64 Beta are aplenty, but everything adheres to Google's promise of safer and better internet experience, courtesy of the company's free Chrome download.

In the blog post, Google said the feature will reach the general public January next year, but for the more advanced users, the browser improvements are already in live testing status and ready to download via the Chrome Beta program. You can do so with just a few mouse clicks.

Chrome 64 Beta also introduces a stronger pop-up ad blocker and it also prevents sites which have links disguised as play buttons or other site controls from opening new tabs and windows. Despite the effort being to turn off the autoplay videos by default, users will still have to activate it separately for each website they access. It is the green lock icon. By clicking on it, users should get a dropdown menu. It hasn't always been smooth sailing, but you can't say they haven't tried. Try it, and you will find that it is very convenient and satisfying. However, Chrome will mute sound for all the contents that are navigated to by the user under the parent domain, provided the feature is turned on for the domain.

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When a redirect is blocked, you can see an info bar on top of the browser.

There is also a portal created by Google for site owners and it is important because it lets them know if sites are engaging in political practices.

Apart from those features mentioned above, the beta release also comes with HDR video playback on Windows 10.

Some concerns that were raised in September still stand. Users have to click on it and the annoying autoplay videos will be paused for good. Regarding pop-up blocking on Chrome 64, in case of malicious redirects, the browser will keep the user on the same web page and show the pop-up blocking activity in the information bar that will be visible during pop-ups. In that case, it is not a bad policy.

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