California man discovers he had a 5ft tapeworm inside him

California man discovers he had a 5ft tapeworm inside him

California man discovers he had a 5ft tapeworm inside him

A California man who loves sushi went to the emergency room recently after pulling a massive tapeworm out of his body.

The man, who had been experiencing bloody diarrhea, pulled the tapeworm from his rectum, wrapped it around an empty toilet paper roll and brought it to the ED.

Again, Banh: "He thinks he's dying - 'My guts are coming out of me!' " Inexplicably, he decides to grab the end and pull.

Bahn adds that the young man arrived at Community Regional and immediately asked to be treated for tapeworms.

A Fresno man who says he eats raw salmon nearly every day took himself to the hospital because he knew something was dreadfully wrong.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a study previous year pointing out that wild-caught salmon caught off the coast of Alaska may contain tapeworm. Banh recounted what the man told him on the podcast "This Won't Hurt A Bit" earlier this month.

It gets worse, with the description of how the worm - a "helminth", in doctor parlance - came to be in the man's external possession.

Sushi lover finds 5ft tapeworm dangling from his rectum and yanks it out himself
A 5 1/2-foot tapeworm slithered out of a man's body, and this delicious food is the likely culprit

Tapeworms can be contracted in different ways, but the man had neither travelled out of the country nor engaged in any abnormal behaviour.

Next time you head out for sushi, it can't hurt to ask the restaurant about their fish-freezing practices.

"He picks it up and looks at it - and what does it do?" However, he admitted eating raw salmon sashimi on a daily basis, which the doctor suggested might have caused the tapeworm infestation. When Banh laid it out on the floor of the emergency department, he said, it measured five feet, six inches long.

Inside, he said, was a cardboard toilet paper tube - with a tapeworm wrapped around it. According to Dr. Jessica Mason, who co-hosts the podcast, a tapeworm can grow up to 40 feet in length.

When questioned, he insisted he had not been overseas - and revealed that he ate raw salmon every day, reported MailOnline. He did, be that as it may, tell Banh "I eat crude salmon relatively consistently", the specialist said amid the podcast. Most infections don't have symptoms, but some people might get stomach discomfort, diarrhea, vomiting, and weight loss.

Banh treated the patient with deworming medication and quizzed him about lifestyle or travel habits that could have led to the diagnosis.

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