Coli Outbreak From Salad Grows As CDC Reports 24 People Infected

Coli Outbreak From Salad Grows As CDC Reports 24 People Infected

Coli Outbreak From Salad Grows As CDC Reports 24 People Infected

The cases in the United States are the same strain as the cases in Canada, and some of them have the same genetic fingerprint. Consumer Reports still warned against eating romaine. Because of these reporting delays, more time is needed before CDC can say the outbreak in the United Stated is over.

On Monday, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro sent a letter to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), asking for more information about this outbreak.

The CDC noted that leafy greens were the likely source of the outbreak but Canadian health authorities pointed specifically to romaine lettuce for the spread of E. coli infections in the Eastern provinces.

The outbreak of E. coli has made at least 17 people sick in 13 states, including a case in OH, according to the CDC. Since CDC's initial media statement on December 28, seven more illnesses have been added to this investigation.

CDC is not recommending that US residents avoid any particular food given the short shelf life of leafy greens and because a specific type of leafy greens has not been identified.

The CDC says state and local health officials are interviewing patients to try to determine what they ate before getting sick.

Produce trade organizations issued a statement that, as of last week, no public health agency had contacted romaine lettuce growers or processors and asked to stop shipping product.

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The CDC's investigation has not identified a specific type, brand, or producer of romaine or any other leafy greens, which Wise says has made it hard to home in on a source.

The Public Health Agency of Canada identified romaine lettuce as the source of the outbreak in Canada.

He said the illness onsets "occurred in late Nov & early Dec, so the source of these cases likely is no longer on the market".

Both countries' public health officials posted updates on the outbreak today stressing that there is little remaining danger to the public because the most recent victim became sick December 12, 2017.

Wendy's has not traced any E. coli infections to its customers and hasn't seen any issues with its supply chain, but decided not to take any risks. The strain of E. coli involved in this outbreak, O157:H7, is particularly serious. There has been one death, which was previously reported. Attorney Fred Pritzker and his team recently won $7.5 million for young client whose kidneys failed because of hemolytic uremic syndrome after an E. coli O157:H7 infection. Rinsing produce with cool water is a good way to protect against any bacteria lingering on the surface - though not a surefire solution to product contamination.

"In collaboration with our association colleagues we'd like to share the following update to last week's communications regarding the E. coli O157:H7 foodborne illness outbreak that has impacted many (of our) members", the produce groups' release said.

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