Kenya Airways starts process of direct flights to NY

Kenya Airways starts process of direct flights to NY

Kenya Airways starts process of direct flights to NY

Speaking while making the announcement in Thursday, Kenya Airways chief executive officer Sebastian Mikosz said the airline will be targeting business and leisure travelers.

On Thursday, 11 of January 2017, Kenya's National Carrier, Kenya Airways marked a great milestone in the history of the airline with the launch of a non-stop flight from Nairobi to NY. The announcement came as a relief and confirmed the carrier had received the nod to land in the U.S. after a gruelling approval process.

"This ultra-long haul flight requires ultra-resources and we are providing the best for our guests", Mikosz said. While an elated chairman, Michael Joseph, said the development was as a symbol of KQ rebound. "We are honored to contribute to the economic growth of Kenya and East Africa", Mikosz said.

It will then leave NY at 12.25 pm the same day and land in Nairobi at 10.55 am the following day.

The aircraft, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, will leave the Nairobi airport at 11.25 pm daily and reach John F Kennedy International Airport in NY at 6.25 am the next day.

The flight duration is 15 hours eastbound and 14 hours westbound. Though the flight will take upwards of 15 hours, in some cases, it will afford passengers much more time at their origin and/or destination.

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East Africa anticipates benefits from Kenya - US direct flights

Kenya Airways will operate a Boeing 787-8 to New York JFK with a total capacity of 234 passengers and 16 crew members.

Tour operators say that the flight marks a milestone for the entire region and is expected to considerably boost travel from the U.S. What was pending was approval of the Air Service Licence and Air Operation Licence from the United States authorities which has been granted.

The direct flight plan is expected to instantly reduce by six hours, travel time between the United States city and Nairobi and further boost tourism and trade ties between the two countries.

American firms with a deep presence include IBM, Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft and Cisco.

Kenya Airways' entry into the USA marks for development to the East African tourist portfolio best known for its rich wildlife resources, with expectations to attract more American tourists to the region.

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