Battle Of The Super Bowl Playlists: Puppy Bowl Edition

Battle Of The Super Bowl Playlists: Puppy Bowl Edition

Battle Of The Super Bowl Playlists: Puppy Bowl Edition

It didn't take long for the video, posted to Facebook by Parks' father on Tuesday night, to go viral. Not much. Her Facebook profile says she interned with Mission of Hope: Haiti, which is noteworthy given Carson has done charity work there.

Cole is arriving in Minnesota on Friday with Super Bowl tickets donated by an anonymous Minnesota Vikings fan who found a story online about the 8th grade Eagles fan managing his school's football team.

The video now has more than 2.7 million views. I want the Eagles to win so bad.

Brest says his grandfather-who turns 90 next month-and dad pulled the trigger on buying the tickets during the middle of the season.

H. PARKS: Are you sure?

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The Rutgers University New Brunswick student then slams the Patriots' defense and says no one cares about the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Towards the end of the hilarious video Parks informs her mom that the Eagles need to win so she can attend their parade.

Our friends at the World Cafe and XPN are stoked that the Eagles are headed to Super Bowl LII this weekend.

Not to be outdone, WBUR in Boston fired back in an act of un-brotherly love: a playlist of Boston-centric songs to cheer the Patriots on to victory over the Eagles.

'I trust St Nick, ' Parks said, referring to Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.

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