Fox News launching streaming service, no cable subscription required

Fox News launching streaming service, no cable subscription required

Fox News launching streaming service, no cable subscription required

The only question still to be announced is what exactly will air on the new network. Content from the Fox News cable network would not be available on the new streaming service.

While Fox Nation will include a 20-year archive of Fox News programming, the focus of the platform will be live shows and long-form programming "geared entirely toward the Fox News superfans", according to a statement from John Finley, senior vice president of development and production.

The cable news network is planning to a launch a standalone subscription service by the end of the year, called Fox Nation.

How will it differ from Fox News?

So the new product will have new programs. They go on cruises, and if they can't have Fox, they send us emails.

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Lahren and other Fox personalities will create programming for the streaming service.

Fox Nation is the latest effort from a traditional TV company to dip its toes into the streaming video waters. On Monday night, the site was temporarily taken offline.

An official announcement is expected to come today.

According to the Times, Fox is still determining how much it will charge for a subscription. Indeed, the 21st Century Fox-owned outlet was projected to generate $1.67 billion in revenue from programming fees paid by cable and satellite distributors in 2016 by market-research firm SNL Kagan said, compared with $952.8 million in net advertising revenue.

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