New Monopoly game encourages players to cheat

New Monopoly game encourages players to cheat

New Monopoly game encourages players to cheat

A new version of Monopoly is set to encourage players to cheat in what gaming company Hasbro is dubbing the "Cheaters Edition".

Hasbro has produced different versions of Monopoly to satisfy every niche imaginable, but its latest edition might just be the one for everyone - because who hasn't pocketed a few bucks from the bank when no one's looking?

Monopoly cheaters can finally play the game as dishonestly as they wish - but they'll have to out-cheat everyone else.

Monopoly's creator, Hasbro, is releasing a "cheaters edition" of the famous board game so your sticky-fingers family member can rejoin game night.

This more devious form of the board game comes with the classic "Community Chest" and "Chance" cards, but also features a stack of cheat cards players can attempt to complete during the game. Players are encouraged to act on the cards, which direct them to do things like collect rent for someone else's property or take extra money from the bank, at any point during the game.

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Now, Hasbro says it's "finally made a decision to embrace our less-than-honest fans", CNET reported.

Taking an extra $100 in Monopoly money from the bank when you pass GO.

The cheater's challenges are governed by a deck of 15 cheat cards.

Still sound like a fun way to switch up the most iconic and frustrating board game known to mankind. That's why they're making a special "Cheaters Edition" of the game. There's a reward if you pull of the chicanery with no one noticing and a punishment if you get caught. It would be pretty extreme if you could get legit arrested for cheating at Monopoly.

While there's no news as to whether the game will be available in the UK, Hasbro has confirmed it'll launch in the Autumn of this year and will retail for $19.99 (£14).

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