Spanish police stops auto with four tonnes of stolen oranges

Spanish police stops auto with four tonnes of stolen oranges

Spanish police stops auto with four tonnes of stolen oranges

There were over 8,800 pounds of unlabelled loose and packaged oranges in the vehicles, and according to the Seville Police, the occupants of the vehicles could not clearly explain how they obtained them.

As a convoy of vehicles - a Suzuki sedan, a small estate auto and a van - was attempting to flee with the citrusy loot, it came across a police auto on routine patrol and abruptly changed direction, according to local media reports.

A family of five was arrested in Spain with more than four tons of oranges spilling out of their vehicle.

The Spanish police were involved in a auto chase that lead them to discover over 4 tons of stolen oranges. A short chase through a dirt road followed, the news agency reported.

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Seville officers became suspicious of two cars that were driving very close together, Europa Press reports.

Police then got word a shipment of oranges from the nearby town of Carmona had been reported stolen.

The oranges were all over the two vehicles and authorities suspected that they just didn't pick them off the ground, like one of the people told them.

Five people were arrested, comprising a couple, their adult son and two brothers, and will be charged in court for theft.

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