Swype Keyboard App To Be Discontinued As Company Advances On Business Market

Swype Keyboard App To Be Discontinued As Company Advances On Business Market

Swype Keyboard App To Be Discontinued As Company Advances On Business Market

Swype+Dragon keyboard for Android will no longer be supported. Well, the Swype Keyboard app made its way to Android back in April 2013, and after nearly five years, it has been discontinued. And, this discontinuation has also been confirmed by Nuance's PR team to XDA Developers.

When Android was still in the relatively early stages of adoption, one of the apps that helped Android stand out against the iPhone was a keyboard app called Swype. The keyboard was purchased by Nuance back in 2011 and in 2014 the keyboard made its debut on iOS. Besides, there are plenty of "swiping" style keyboards to choose from.

Former Swype CEO Mike McSherry - who was instrumental in growing the mobile keyboard's usage and later sold the company to Nuance - told GeekWire that it was sad to see the product "mothballed". The app will be available to download on Android and even new users can consider using it if they find it more intuitive than other apps. And, when it comes to keyboards on Android, some of the names that immediately come to our mind are Google Gboard, Swiftkey, and of course, Swype.

On the company's support page the same message is posted, but mentioning Swype for iOS instead.

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The popularity of Swype among Android users was also inevitable, given that the app came pre-installed on some smartphones from manufacturers like Huawei.

Swype Keyboard was one of the first few 3rd party keyboards available on Google Plays Store.

The Swype Keyboard app is still on the Play Store, but it won't receive any future updates from here on out. However, users are already advised to look for alternatives.

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