Sydney seaplane source of crash remains inexplicable

Sydney seaplane source of crash remains inexplicable

Sydney seaplane source of crash remains inexplicable

A seaplane was not following an authorised route when it plunged into a river north of Sydney, killing 6 people.

But Sydney Seaplanes described events moments before the crash as "totally inexplicable".

The report found the plane crashed about 1km away from where it had taken off from Cottage Point at 3pm.

Sydney Seaplanes CEO Aaron Shaw has commented about the report, saying it "suggests no evidence of airframe, fuel or engine issues."The key question arising from the report is why the plane crashed approximately halfway down Jerusalem Bay, which is surrounded by steep terrain and has no exit", reported him as saying". (ATSB) The plane was flying out of the bay before the tragic incident.

"The aircraft is then reported to have entered into an 80 to 90-degree bank angle turn".

Inspection of the wreckage has revealed there was no evidence of a birdstrike or collision with an object prior to take-off or during the flight.

Several witnesses reported that the plane took a steep right turn before the aircraft collided with the water "in a near vertical position", the bureau's preliminary report found.

Crash investigators later likened the flight path to a motorist turning into a dead-end street instead of on to a freeway, and said the plane would have struggled to climb above the bay's terrain.

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The plane was completely destroyed after it smashed into the water. Witnesses claimed it sounded "constant and appeared normal" before the crash that killed all people on board took place.

Ten minutes later, it was nearly entirely submerged in 13 metres of water.

Gareth Morgan, who had more than 10,000 hours of flying experience, turned into off-bounds Jerusalem Bay on New Year's Eve.

He had been employed by Sydney Seaplanes from 2011 to 2014 before relocating overseas, returning to Australia in May 2017 when he undertook a number of checks.

The DHC-2 Beaver was powered by a Pratt and Whitney "Wasp Junior" nine-cylinder engine with a three-blade propeller.

Richard Cousins (top left), his family and Gareth Morgan (bottom right). (Supplied) Emma Bowden and her daughter Heather were also on the tragic flight.

Nagy said he did not know which of the Cousins-Bowden family had been sitting in the passenger seat at the time of the crash but investigations routinely look at possible passenger interference.

Leaving no time for the pilot to radio for help, the 1963 model nosedived into the water and killed the pilot and British catering tycoon Richard Cousins.

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