There's Another iOS bug Crashing iPhones, iMessage and Other Apps

There's Another iOS bug Crashing iPhones, iMessage and Other Apps

There's Another iOS bug Crashing iPhones, iMessage and Other Apps

iOS 11.2.5's latest bug makes messaging apps unresponsive after receiving an Indian language symbol. One finds the messages tab will not open as the app tries and fails to load the character. "While iOS 11.3 fixes the problems, Apple said it is planning to release an iOS 11 update soon that will address the crashes before the iOS 11.3 release in the spring", The Verge reported late Thursday.

Apple has announced a significant change from the manner it in which it updates software for the iOS devices like iPads and iPhones through relaxing on the development schedule.

Apple is reportedly gearing up to introduce three new iPhones this year and one of them will be more popular than the others, a top analyst with Taiwanese business group KGI Securities has said.

The bug will only crash the entire iPhone if a notification card or banner containing the character pops up on the device. Gmail and perhaps more messaging apps look to be affected as well, as confirmed on iPhones running iOS 11.2.5.

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To help address the situation, Apple says its already working on a patch that will fix the bug, which should arrive in the form of an intermediary update before iOS 11.3 (which is now in beta) gets officially released.

The symbol which is causing the glitch is from the Telugu language, a Dravidian language spoken in India.

Last month, senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi was reported to have told Apple engineers the company plans to adjust its software update strategy to put a greater emphasis on minimizing bugs and less of a focus on flashy new features. The Verge figured out that if you recruit the help of a friend and have them send you a text, you can get back into your phone, go to your list of text conversations in the Messages app and delete the text thread with the bug.

Apple devices are getting infected by an issue called a "text bomb" for the second time in 2018. Instead, Apple's software this year will likely focus on stability and performance, according to Bloomberg.

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