US Missile Interceptor Test Fails in Hawaii

US Missile Interceptor Test Fails in Hawaii

US Missile Interceptor Test Fails in Hawaii

The test came after the United States approved a plan in early January to sell four SM-3 Block IIA missiles to Japan as the allies look to counter the rising missile and nuclear threat posed by North Korea.

The official said test data is being analysed to determine why the interceptor did not hit the target.

Ellison adds that the USA successfully conducted a similar test in February of a year ago, off the USS John Paul Jones, when it intercepted a ballistic missile target using the same type SM-3 Block IIA interceptor.

The missile, which is being developed by weapons manufacturer Raytheon, is used to target intermediate range missiles.

A June test of the SM-3 Block IIA missile fired from a U.S. Destroyer failed because of user error, but a test of the missile in February a year ago was successful.

In a statement the U.S. Missile Defense agency confirmed a test happened, but did not mention any outcome.

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The state emergency agency worker believed the attack was real because of a mistake in how the drill was initiated during a shift change, the FCC said in a report.

Multiple US media outlets reported that the Defense Department conducted the test of the new missile in Hawaii on Wednesday, but it failed. "It is a very expensive system and it would undesirable for the credibility of the missile to be hurt", the source said.

Pentagon officials told CNN that they are staying silent on the test results in part because of the tenuous situation of North Korea participating in the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, whose government was branded as "depraved" by President Donald Trump in his State of the Union address.

And indeed, America's missile defense capabilities are getting more attention these days, as North Korea tested several intercontinental ballistic missiles previous year.

As the Missile Defense Agency's prime contractor, Boeing will manage the accelerated construction of a new 20-missile field at Fort Greely, Alaska, plus the additional interceptors.

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