'American Idol' returns: What you need to know for Sunday's premiere

'American Idol' returns: What you need to know for Sunday's premiere

'American Idol' returns: What you need to know for Sunday's premiere

By the end of its run, Fox was paying a premium of $1 million for every episode beyond a certain threshold of about 30 hours a season; there were seasons when Fox aired as many as 60 hours of Idol.

The only returnee to the new "Idol" is host Ryan Seacrest, who in recent weeks has faced allegations of sexual misconduct by a stylist at E! where he also long has worked. Plus with Ryan Seacrest still in the hosting seat, what could be better?

According to the network, no North Carolina "Idol" hopefuls are featured in the first two episodes, but contestants may turn up in later episodes.

Asking the new iteration of "American Idol" to entirely reinvigorate interested in the dated concept may be too demanding. The new judges are forthright and honest with their criticism, and refrain from giving any pretenders false hope.

The show shares something in common with a few of ABC's other musical misfires: competition formats too complicated for their own good. "It was one of our favorite places when we'd go to audition cities, because we knew we'd get someone good".

No, they are not throwaway "nice judges". They will come back to Hollywood and then they'll have to step up. Everybody hates me just because I eat worms.

It was an emotional moment, as dozens of former contestants - many of whom had their lives changed by the show - returned to pay their respects to the groundbreaking television series, which was going off the air forever. He knows the music business, though, and so do Richie and Perry (who's clearly enjoying herself amid a parade of contestants who get weak-kneed in her presence). "This launching pad gives such an advantage to all those people that need that spotlight".

Ready or not, American Idol is back. "I think he'll do really well [as a judge.] He's kind, he's honest and he's. well, he's Luke Bryan".

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But on Friday Lionel Richie revealed that the rebooted series might also harbor some prickly interactions between the judges. "At 15 years old, this isn't supposed to be happening", Richie raved. "He's the anchor for me", said Richie.

Richie added, "The handsome part is I love the judging". At that point, we'll know if the new iteration has found a personality to match yesteryear's Underwoods or Lamberts. Which is amusing, because I'm betting at least some of those people learned that style from watching the original American Idol.

I know about your story, and I respect your story, and I think it's lovely and inspiring. "We're really real with them". She said, "For me personally, American Idol and I have always been circling each other, and it just hasn't been the right timing".

"We really encourage them".

Luke Bryan reported it's fun for him. "I just felt like it was going to be a blast to be a part of", he reflects.

This is exactly what happened when musical theater actress Kobe from Colorado delivered a almost unlistenable performance in front of the flabbergasted judges. I'm on the emotional ride with these kids. "I used to listen to Disney songs from the cartoons and I started singing them". I guess I got my voice back at the last minute.

The revamped American Idol will premiere on Sunday, March 11.

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