Donald Trump's Revolving Door: Michael Flynn, Gary Cohn, Now Rex Tillerson

Donald Trump's Revolving Door: Michael Flynn, Gary Cohn, Now Rex Tillerson

Donald Trump's Revolving Door: Michael Flynn, Gary Cohn, Now Rex Tillerson

Trump's change puts Pompeo, an ardent foe of the Iran nuclear deal, in charge of US diplomacy as the president decides whether to withdraw the USA from the agreement.

Separately, Steve Goldstein, the State Department undersecretary who has served as Tillerson's spokesperson, was unanimously confirmed by the Senate and had been on the job for three months, was sacked by the White House after contradicting the official White House statement about Tillerson's departure.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks to reporters ahead of the weekly party luncheons on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., August 1, 2017. In those disputes, we more often agreed with Tillerson on issues like staying in the Paris climate change agreement, conducting negotiations with North Korea (a strategy Trump now seems to embrace), and Russia's role in disrupting the 2016 election.

U.S., British, French and German officials are due to meet on the deal in Berlin on Thursday.

But that's only one example of the many differences between Tillerson's State Department and Trump's White House.

"The odds of them coming up with a thoughtful compromise by May just got a lot longer", he added.

Oil rose sparking a dollar fall and concern that a deal on Iran's nuclear programme could collapse from the latest development.

Donald Trump said recently that he liked working with people who didn't agree with him. US sanctions will resume unless Trump issues fresh "waivers" to suspend them on May 12.

Iran agreed before Mr Trump took office to curb its nuclear programme in exchange for the easing of economic sanctions. This is the message Trump was trying to send during his address to the South Korean legislature, when he told Kim in no uncertain terms: "The weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer". A shaken Tillerson relinquished control of the State Department.

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"He has a very good rapport with the president", said the lawmaker. "He is what matters here".

Despite having been confirmed by the Senate as Central Intelligence Agency director, Pompeo's record on other foreign policy issues also suggests the nominee won't slide through this next confirmation process without a shakedown.

One key Republican, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr, promised to support her nomination.

Mr Trump said he and Mr Tillerson "disagreed on things" and cited their differing opinions on the Iran nuclear deal. He has said that Russia's election meddling poses a threat to the US and other countries and told Fox News last month that Russian Federation was already trying to interfere in the 2018 midterm elections.

The planned meeting between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and ongoing tensions with Russian Federation over election interference are clearly going to be far more pressing issues for Rex Tillerson's replacement at the State Department.

Two White House officials said Tillerson was told he was out on Friday, although it was unclear who did the firing.

Pompeo, by contrast, is in lockstep with Trump in sending Kim a clear message that, should diplomacy fail, the United States will not hesitate to act.

Carper said Pompeo is not "entirely a blank slate", but that he is more than willing to sit down with Pompeo to better understand him.

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