Justice Department backs ban on bump stock sales

Justice Department backs ban on bump stock sales

Justice Department backs ban on bump stock sales

The Justice Department, however, is considering a measure that would ban bump-stock weapons as part of an existing ban on machine guns, the Journal reported Saturday.

This submission is a formal requirement of the regulatory review process. Although the alleged shooter, 19-year-old Nicolas Cruz, did not use a bump stock device, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, signed a bill into law on Friday, banning the modification as well as raising the minimum age for purchasing a firearm in the state from 18 to 21.

In a notice submitted for approval to the Office of Management and Budget, the DoJ proposed that bump stocks be included in the definition of "machine gun" in the 1934 National Firearms Act. If the Office of Management and Budget approves the proposed regulation, it would then be published and members of the public allowed to comment before a final version was put into place.

In the wake of the Las Vegas attack, which sparked a nationwide discussion about banning the devices, Republicans in Congress and the National Rifle Association have pointed to the ATF to regulate the devices, rather than advocating for a legislative approach. In December, Sessions announced that he was initiating the process to potentially change federal regulations and would be accepting public comments through January 25.

President Donald Trump signed the directive to ban the devices on February 20.

The matter is more complicated than meets the eye.

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The NRA, which donated $30m to Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, has not supported an outright ban on bump stocks.

As noted by Katie Pavlich, a bump stock is an add on to a semi-automatic weapon which makes rate of fire on semi-automatic firearms faster.

The Department of Justice announced Saturday that it has initiated the process of banning bump stocks through a change in how firearms laws are interpreted by federal regulators. Those who want to see the devices regulated say legislation would be a far easier and more effective way to ban them, as a change in regulation is surely to be met with legal challenges from manufacturers.

Under US law, machine guns are officially banned.

Americans have been wondering what, if any, concrete gun control reforms would be made in response to the horrific massacre that left 17 innocent individuals dead last month in Parkland, Florida.

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