Nvidia Halts Self Driving Car Tests After Uber Mishap

Nvidia Halts Self Driving Car Tests After Uber Mishap

Nvidia Halts Self Driving Car Tests After Uber Mishap

News of Nvidia's self-driving auto testing suspension was first reported by Reuters.

Nvidia announced it was working on the technology at last year's summit.

NVIDIA has introduced NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation, a cloud-based system for testing autonomous vehicles using photorealistic simulation.

Following the incident, Uber suspended its self-driving testing program in all cities, and earlier today the Governor of Arizona suspended Uber's right to test automated vehicles in the state pending the NTSB and NHTSA's investigations.

Besides the benefit of safety, virtualizing the road test makes it possible to train the algorithm much faster, the company said. (NVDA) announced on Tuesday that it will suspend its self-driving vehicle tests around the world.

The second server is Nvidia's Drive Pegasus AI auto computer that runs a full autonomous-vehicle software stack, processing the simulated data the same way it would process data from a real self-driving auto.

GTC18 - NVIDIA simulation will take self-driving car testing off road
Nvidia's self-driving car tests suspended following fatal Uber crash

Drive Constellation allows automakers and other developers to validate and strengthen the technology through billions of driving miles that allow for testing in hard scenarios.

Around 320 companies involved in self-driving cars - from software developers, automakers and their suppliers, sensor and mapping companies - use Nvidia Drive platform, according to the company's website.

The Constellation simulator will help Nvidia reach its goal, as million, or billions of miles can be "driven" in simulation, rather than trying out deep-learning algorithms alongside other drivers in the real world. The second server contains the NVIDIA DRIVE Pegasus AI auto computer that runs the entire software stack in an autonomous driving vehicle.

The simulator is constantly validating information coming from the DRIVE Pegasus AI, while the DRIVE Sim can create virtual driving scenarios ranging from rain to glare to limited night vision.

The accident has called into the question the safety of testing self-driving cars on public roads.

Testing may not involve putting self-driving cars on public streets, with all the safety issues that entails, but virtual environments aren't real ones, no matter how authentic the simulations seem.

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