Russian businessman, close associate of Boris Berezovsky found dead in Britain

Russian businessman, close associate of Boris Berezovsky found dead in Britain

Russian businessman, close associate of Boris Berezovsky found dead in Britain

This is what ordinary Russians think of the spy poison crisis Before his death, which police has been treating as "unexplained", the 68-year-old former top manager of Aeroflot was being sued by the Russian airline.

Glushkov was a prominent opponent of the Kremlin.

Glushkov had previously claimed that Berezovsky and Alexander Litvinenko, a double agent who was killed with polonium posion, had been on a Kremlin hit list.

"The death is now being treated as an unexplained", said police in a statement which did not name Mr Glushkov.

Berezovsky was found hanged in his Berkshire home in 2013 in an apparent suicide. He spent five years in jail and was freed in 2004.

Glushkov has two grown-up children, Natasha and Dima, and an ex-wife who lives in Moscow.

The airline went on to pursue the case in London and Glushkov was due to attend a hearing on Monday morning at Londons Commercial Court but failed to appear.

"I'm definite Boris was killed", he was quoted by the Guardian as saying at the time. He was practically the last one left, he told friends.

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"Today, the embassy formally requested all the information concerning Russian citizen [Nikolai Glushkov], whose death. looks mysterious, that the British side obtained", the message states on the website of the diplomatic mission.

It said Russian Federation had sought his extradition in 2015 "for committing a number of severe financial offences on the territory of Russian Federation", but the British Government refused.

In recent years, Glushkov was on friendly terms with his London neighbours, who saw him hobbling on crutches after his operation or with a stick.

She said Britain should look at wider and bigger personal sanctions beyond those in the U.S. Magnitsky Act which imposed visa bans and asset freezes on Russian officials.

Mr Glushkov backed up Mr Berezovsky during a high-profile legal battle in 2012 with rival UK-based oligarch Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea football club, who he claimed had cheated him out of $5 billion.

"The death is now being treated as unexplained", a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Service said on Tuesday, adding that an autopsy will be taking place in the next few days.

"They tried to protect this relationship between Russian Federation and (the) UK".

Glushkov continued to investigate the circumstances surrounding Berezovsky's death for some months. Police said his death was "unexplained", and his family have been informed. "The death is now being treated as unexplained", it added.

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