Tuberculosis one of the biggest health challenges in India

Tuberculosis one of the biggest health challenges in India

Tuberculosis one of the biggest health challenges in India

In the year 2016, over 1 million children were diagnosed with TB and 250,000 children died of the disease.

According to a fact file on TB, published in January 2018 by World Health Organisation (WHO); in 2016, about 10 million people fell ill with the disease while nearly two million died from it.

"This disease is deeply rooted in populations where human rights and dignity are limited".

A patient with drug-resistant TB is infected with bacteria which increased the resistant to or have developed resistance to Isoniazid and Rifampicin, the most effective anti-TB drugs.

Dr Animesh Arya, Sr Consultant in Respiratory Medicine, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute said, "It is advisable to maintain a good immunity and avoid coming into contact with people having tuberculosis".

More than 95 percent of TB cases and deaths occur in low-and middle-income countries, particularly in Southeast Asia, Africa and the Western Pacific.

To further support the proper diagnosis and treatment of TB in the country, USAID supported publication of the first student-oriented textbook on TB. A health exhibition with educational activities is being staged at a shopping mall in Diamond Hill today and tomorrow (March 25) to promote messages on the prevention of TB to the public. TB mainly attacks the lungs but it can also spread to the other parts of the body like the brain, spine, uterus, mouth, liver, kidney, throat and bones. Worldwide India is the country with the highest burden of both TB and MDR TB. "We have also made a decision to provide Rs 500 per month to each TB patient for the duration of his treatment", the minister said.

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Earlier a cured patient spoke about his journey on TB and how he has been cured and is now healthy. At the previous time, all MDR patients visited the civic-run Sewri TB hospital in order to see and experiences the treatment.

"Government of India is working in mission mode to make India TB-free".

He said the GHS had also been applauded for its capacity to adopt and deploy countrywide, new technologies and tools, citing that in 2018, the Service would be rolling its first ever child friendly TB new paediatric formulation for treating TB in children, and newer shorter treatment regimen for Multi drug resistant TB under the NTCP.

The new system of providing financial and nutritional support to TB patients lies entirely on Direct Benefit Transfer linked to Aadhaar. These new products are reaching the final stages of the 10-15-year R&D process-one in which many other possible treatments or vaccines have fallen by the wayside.

Thus, the fight against TB goes beyond TB treatment and encompasses overall development of communities.

We saw the beginnings of this global movement at the historic meeting in Moscow last November, when Russian President Vladimir Putin in his keynote speech expressed his personal commitment to ending TB in Russia.

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