Amazon's newest service: delivering packages to your parked vehicle

Amazon's newest service: delivering packages to your parked vehicle

Amazon's newest service: delivering packages to your parked vehicle

Amazon past year introduced to customers the option to give their couriers permission to unlock their front doors to leave their packages.

Meanwhile, the Amazon Key in-car service allows Prime members to have Amazon packages securely delivered to compatible cloud-connected vehicles parked at their home, at work and other publicly accessible locations. The service is available to Amazon Prime members in 37 USA cities. Once the address of their auto has been registered, customers select the "In-Car" delivery option at checkout. Compatible vehicles include 2015 or newer Chevrolets, Buicks, GMC, Cadillacs or Volvos with active roadside assistance accounts.

Amazon said the service is available now across 37 cities and surrounding areas, with more rollouts planned. When you check-out on Amazon, just select the "In-Car" delivery method. The online retailer has partnered with General Motors and Volvo to deliver packages straight to auto trunks.

If the delivery driver is not able to locate your vehicle, the driver will deliver to your selected backup option. A selection of alcohol is also available for delivery to customers in Sacramento and San Diego, Amazon said.

The Daily Caller News Foundation conducted its own search of Amazon and found a number of items for purchase that market themselves as tools to help auto owners stuck in a jam but can easily be appropriated for more nefarious intentions.

You won't have to make any additional purchases this time since the in-car delivery only requires the Amazon Key app and connected technology embedded in your ride.

This also means that your delivery can be sent to any address on your account (home, office, friends house, family, etc).

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If it helps put your mind at ease, Amazon couriers don't have any special key or password to enter your vehicle.

Of course, one could argue that if an individual is desperate enough, he can simply break a window and gain access to a auto - no one would expect Amazon to stop selling baseball bats or crowbars. Those using the feature will receive a notification when their package is en route. That's how Amazon delivery drivers will be able to unlock the cars to leave packages inside without the owner of the vehicle present.

The service is called Amazon Key In-Car.

Amazon Key is supposed to make shopping more convenient for Prime subscribers, and cut down on lost and stolen packages, too. In addition, you can only do vehicle deliveries near one of your delivery addresses - for example, home and work.

"People really love this new service", he said. This is particularly true given last year's discovery of a major security vulnerability in the security camera that powers Amazon Key.

Amazon added a new delivery location to the ever-growing number of spots it can leave your packages: inside your vehicle.

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