China's Tiangong-1 space lab expected to fall to Earth this weekend

China's Tiangong-1 space lab expected to fall to Earth this weekend

China's Tiangong-1 space lab expected to fall to Earth this weekend

SatView provides real-time tracking so you can always know where the station is.

The European Space Agency has predicted a slightly different reentry time of 11.25pm on April 1, however the forecast window runs from the afternoon of April 1 to the early morning of April 2 and is highly variable.

Some experts believe that substantial remains of the craft could survive re-entry and hit Earth.

The chances are 1 million times greater of winning the Powerball jackpot than by being hit.

According to, experts from Aerospace Corp. estimate the Tiangong-1 space station will crash anytime between March 31 to April 1, with most predicting it to fall around 10 a.m. EDT on April 1, Easter Sunday.

Current trajectories have the satellite falling somewhere between 43 degrees North and 43 degrees South latitude, a huge swath of the globe that includes a large amount of water but nearly all of the well as major cities around the world as far south as Argentina. Satellites in low-Earth orbit drag slightly on the atmosphere and slowly lose height. "By comparison, the risk of being hit by lightning is 1 in 1.4 million, and the risk that someone in the USA will be killed in a hurricane is about 1 in six million", the aerospace authority said in a public advisory.

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"A high-speed stream of particles from the Sun, which was expected to reach Earth and influence our planet's geomagnetic field, did, in fact, not have any effect, and calmer space weather around Earth and its atmosphere is now expected in the coming days", the ESA said.

Chinese Space Station to crash into Earth.

Exactly when, and where, the space station will land is a mystery, but all of Pennsylvania is in the area where debris from the reentry could fall.

The Tiangong 1, launched in 2011, is China's first space station and served as an experimental platform for the country's ambitious space program.

If Tiangong-1 breaks apart in the MI night sky, it will look like a shooting star. Even though space observatories and scientists have expressed that there's no danger from the crashing space station, Michigan, which falls in the line of potential crash sites, is preparing for impact.

While the reentry is likely to create a memorable light show for any astronomers lucky enough to spot it, it is now challenging to predict when exactly the space station will fall. The space station has orbited unmanned since 2013 and there has been no contact with it since 2016.

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