Facebook's FTC-authorised audit missed Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook's FTC-authorised audit missed Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook's FTC-authorised audit missed Cambridge Analytica scandal

The Federal Trade Commission settled its charges with Facebook in 2011 with its Consent Decree. The system has now been called into question, after its 2017 audit failed to detect behind the scenes activity surrounding the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Details: The Wall Street Journal reports that a PricewaterhouseCoopers audit-which was required for the social network to comply with a 2011 settlement made with the Federal Trade Commission-was finished past year.

Zuckerberg pledged to limit the information the platform developers can access and they have to get users' approval.

According to PwC, Facebook's privacy controls seemed efficient to the auditors and offered reasonable levels of assurance when it comes to privacy protection.

Facebook Inc's privacy practices were cleared by auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in an assessment completed previous year of the period in which data analytics consultancy Cambridge Analytica gained access to the personal data of millions of Facebook users.

The report, which is heavily redacted and on the FTC's website, covers the period between February 12, 2015 and February 11, 2017.

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The agreement requires that Facebook users give "affirmative express consent" any time that data they haven't made public is shared with a third party.

The thoroughness of the audits conducted by PwC are questionable, and Senator Richard Blumenthal wants the FTC to reconsider their stance towards Facebook.

EPIC chief Marc Rotenberg told Wired: "After Cambridge Analytica, PricewaterhouseCoopers, on behalf of Facebook, reported to the FTC that privacy compliances at Facebook were fine and there were no problems". Later, they went on to sell the data which Facebook had no control over.

"We remain strongly committed to protecting people's information", said Rob Sherman, Facebook's deputy chief privacy officer, in a statement given to this news organization.

Evrokomisar Vera jourova stated on the invitation of the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg in the European Parliament on the issue of leakage of personal data through the social network.

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