Germany won't take part in possible Syria military strike

Germany won't take part in possible Syria military strike

Germany won't take part in possible Syria military strike

It had previously stated that Germany would not participate in a possible military strike on Syria. The initiative is also being discussed by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation council.

"We will engage together with France in the creation of the global format [of talks] of influential states which would infuse the political process with new power", Maas told reporters in Berlin.

In a written statement on Saturday, Chancellor Angela Merkel underlined that the joint strike by the U.S., U.K., and France specifically aimed at destroying Syria's suspected chemical weapons capabilities and deterring further use of such banned weapons.

Maas said Germany would use all diplomatic means to seek an end to the seven-year war, and the destruction of remaining chemical weapons stockpiles.

"We will use our bilateral contacts and communication channels with Moscow to bring Russian Federation to the constructive position".

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Germany, which relies on Russian Federation for about a third of the gas it uses, has long walked a careful line with Moscow - at once pushing for continued sanctions for its annexation of the Crimea region of Ukraine and support for separatists in eastern Ukraine, while also maintaining dialogue and trade relations.

In the current situation, it is possible to say that Turkey is highlighting diplomacy and acting in a balanced, prudent and consistent manner between the Western block and its neighbors with which it maintained the Astana process without stepping back from its anti-Assad attitude.

Despite condemning Russia, Maas also said Moscow should be part of the solution in Syria owing to their critical role in the conflict.

"The key milestones will be creation of a transition government, a constitutional reform and elections", Maas added.

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