Google's Grasshopper app teaches you how to code

Google's Grasshopper app teaches you how to code

Google's Grasshopper app teaches you how to code

You can think of Grasshopper as an app that teaches you how to code in Javascript similar to how apps like Duolingo teach you how to learn a foreign language.

From programmable LEGO robots to mobile apps like Hopscotch, there's no shortage of games and toys created to get children interested in computer science.

Grasshopper is the new learn-to-code app that has been recently launched on Wednesday by Google team of coders - "Area 120" who work on experimental projects.

Google shared about the significance of coding skills to be developed by adults and youngsters in the competitive world that could be possible by Grasshopper app in an easy way like a smartphone game.

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When developing Grasshopper, Google focused on three main barriers making it hard for adults to learn to code: Time, access, and money. The free mobile app is available for both Android and iOS and is simple enough for nearly anyone that is smartphone literate to try.

Grasshopper is available for download on both iOS and Android so in case you are interested in learning how to code, begin your coding journey today! With no experience you can learn to use a JavaScript Function and String within just a couple of minutes, with Grace the Grasshopper - the mascot for the app - guiding you through in simple steps that anybody can understand.

A group of Google employees have joined forces to create a new app called Grasshopper that teaches you the fundamentals of programming.

"Grasshopper helped me achieve a basic understanding of coding". "You can use this skill to make websites and apps, process data, and do lots of other cool things". "We're trying to be the launchpad".

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