Kimmel apologizes to Hannity for 'harmful' comments

Kimmel apologizes to Hannity for 'harmful' comments

Kimmel apologizes to Hannity for 'harmful' comments

Hannity, who hosts a nightly opinion program on the Fox News channel, responded by calling Kimmel a "despicable disgrace".

In his statement, Kimmel admitted he enjoyed the back-and-forth but the "level of vitriol from all sides" turned out to be harmful. Kimmel then joked with his sidekick, who is often lampooned on the show for having a thick accent, saying that he could be First Lady.

Kimmel issued a statement on Sunday apologizing.


On Friday, Hannity called Kimmel "Harvey Weinstein Jr." and played footage of Comedy Central's "The Man Show", that showed Kimmel asking women to find something hidden in his trousers while he wore a fake erection. As the Friday show approached, Hannity promised it would be a "must see" TV torching.

Hannity took exception. The two exchanged barbs through the week.

In a separate tweet, Kimmel wrote, "Don't fear - simply preserve tweeting - you'll get again on prime!"

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Kimmel, for his part, has not been taking the Hannity onslaught lying down, responding tit-for-tat with him on Twitter - most infamously suggested he was the receptive partner in a relationship with Trump.

Hannity acknowledged Kimmel's remarks on Sunday afternoon, and said he would have a more comprehensive response on his show Monday night.

The tweets confronted some backlash on Twitter, the place Perez Hilton accused Kimmel of resorting to "lazy humor" and jokes that "persistently use homosexual males as punchlines".

Hannity then fired a number of tweets with the hashtag #PervertKimmel and calling Kimmel "Harvey Weinstein Jr.", a response to a "Man Show" segment where Kimmel would ask women to guess what is in his trousers. Mrs Trump nearly certainly has enough to worry about without being used as a prop to increase TV ratings, ' he said.

Kimmel also said that he hoped Hannity's "newly found" advocacy for women, immigrants and First Ladies would be reflected in his public commentary in the future. He said the idea that Hannity would call anyone a pervert while he was "slobbering over" Donald Trump is, "to quote a fella you love very much, 'sad'". Hire me to write you better gay jokes.

They needled each other for their ratings: Kimmel is third behind Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon among late-night comics, while Hannity lost his cable news ratings lead to Rachel Maddow last month.

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