Red Sox's Joe Kelly tells ridiculous lie for hitting Yankees' Tyler Austin

Red Sox's Joe Kelly tells ridiculous lie for hitting Yankees' Tyler Austin

Red Sox's Joe Kelly tells ridiculous lie for hitting Yankees' Tyler Austin

Red Sox starter David Price was pulled from Wednesday's game against the Yankees with a possible injury. They'll try to touch Porcello up with a vaunted lineup that put up 10 runs against Red Sox pitching amid the chaos of Wednesday's game, as they strive to find their rhythm and put together a string of wins.

Hostilities began during the third innings as Tyler Austin's spikes made contact with Brock Holt's leg as he slid into second base and the latter turned on the offensive player prompting a war or words between the pair.

The fight was on (above).

First of all suspensions-at least of Tyler Austin and Boston's Joe Kelly, but what about CC Sabathia and Aaron Judge? Arenado threw several punches, landing none, but will nearly certainly face a multi-game suspension for his actions. "I thought there was absolutely nothing wrong with that slide".

"I don't think it was intentional, I think he was going in hard and it was a bunt", Holt said. Joe Kelly dotted Austin between the shoulder blades with a 98 miles per hour fastball, and this time cooler heads didn't prevail.

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"I mean, I was ready to defend myself", Kelly said.

NY jumped on Boston's bullpen, adding four more runs over next three innings. "You know sometimes in your slide it carries you, and I don't know if there's any carryover from all the (Manny) Machado stuff past year, and they're going to handle things a certain way now".

"Yeah, I'm not trying to get involved with any of those guys", Holt said. Austin did seem to land a blow in the ensuing scrum on Boston third-base coach Carlos Febles. The kid charged the mound and he had his reason, but if you take a look at the game, you know, we're coming back and we're short in pitching.

According to Boone, Kahnle was ejected for yelling at an umpire.

The ejections were the first for either team in 2018.

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